Why Brazil?


You haven't lived 'til you've been to Brazil...


One study shows: topping the list of all countries, a staggering 85% of first-time visitors want to visit Brazil again. France is a distant second at 55%. 94% of visitors to Brazil would recommend a trip to Brazil to their friends.


Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a devoted returnee, we're glad you're interested in a country rich in history, topography, climate, diversity and yes, adventure. You'll hardly know where to begin your journey. From thousands of miles of pristine, sun-drenched beaches to the amazing Amazon Jungle to waterfalls exceeding those found anywhere in the world, this is a land unmatched in uniqueness and splendor.


Brazil IS countless possibilities rewarding you with lifelong memories.


We’d love to take you by the hand...Brazil awaits you.  




Be careful, our love of life is infectious. Once you have a taste of our spirit, you can’t live without us.


If adventure alone is not compelling enough, consider that the people of Brazil are among the friendliest and most hospitable in the world. Brazilians tend to be fun people who love their native dances, songs, and celebrations. Possessing a genuine openness and an inviting sort of magnetism, you’re likely to encounter hugs with handshakes and kisses on the cheek.


Brazilians themselves love to share with you the treasures of their scenic homeland. It's this sharing and genuine hospitality that makes lifelong memories only to be outdone by a burning desire to add more.




The culture is so dominated by beach life, it makes sense that some of the best beaches in the entire world are here. Brazilian beaches by nature’s design and reputation are extraordinary.


Literally thousands of miles of changing landscape and scenery complete with crashing waves for the surfer and calm, seductively secluded emerald coves for the leisurely. Reappearing vistas of sand dunes, rock cliffs dropping onto soft beaches, rows of coconut trees lining the sandy shores, long deserted sections of black, white, and even red shimmering sands are all postcard worthy.


Everyone comes to socialize, catch some sun, see, and be seen. Beach barbecue, beer, football, a small band and conversation on the beach are the Brazilian idea of a good time.


There are stretches of beach packed with people doing any and everything, and there are beaches with no one as far as your eye can see. There are beaches for everyone.



While Carnival is big throughout Latin America, it's the Brazilians who have lionized it with their passion for the overwhelming.


Each year, the largest party on Earth is held in Salvador, Bahia...the "Land of Happiness."


Carnaval (as it's spelled in Portugese) 2011 starts Thursday, March 3rd, and runs until Wednesday, March 9th - officially.


Brazilians have known for some time that Carnaval in Salvador is unique. Although there are Carnaval celebrations in other cities around the country, there can only be one peak energy concentration of people partying power. You don't even need to be in the center of the action to know you're at the center of the greatest annual energy field created on the planet....but it helps.