One study shows: topping the list of all countries, a staggering 85% of first time visitors want to visit Brazil again.  France is a distant second at 55%.  94% of visitors to Brazil would recommend a trip to Brazil to their friends.


Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a devoted returnee we're glad you're interested in a country rich in history, topography, climate, diversity and yes, adventure.  A country of such majestic size, resources and natural bewilderment that you'll hardly know where to begin your journey.  From thousands of miles of pristine, sun-kissed beaches to the amazing Amazon Jungle, to waterfalls exceeding those found anywhere in the world, this is a land unmatched in uniqueness and splendor.


Brazil IS countless possibilities rewarding you with lifelong memories.


We would love to take you by the hand...Brazil awaits you.