Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is a fishing village which has become one of the most popular beach destinations in Brazil.  Part of this is due to the fact that the traditional Bahian village lifestyle has been conserved and that the TAMAR Turtle Reserve established its operations here. The Reserve helps research and protect sea turtles.  6 of the existing 7 species in the world lay their eggs in these sands.  This village takes its name from the castle of Garcia D´Ávila, a Portuguese settler who founded the first farm in Brazil on the land adjacent to Praia do Forte.  It’s believed that D´Ávila was the first colonist to bring cattle, mango, and coconut trees to Brazil.  If you decide to take a break from the beach, the village main strip has many restaurants, sidewalk cafes, bars, and Bahian artisan and handicraft shops.