Arraial D'Ajuda via/Salvador

Come check out two of Bahia’s treasures: Salvador, known for its history, culture and beauty; and Arraial D'Ajuda, known for its idyllic beaches, vibrant nightlife and its nature reserve of original Atlantic rainforest. The city of Salvador and Arraial D’Ajuda are two destinations that will give you a glimpse of what the state of Bahia is all about. Bahia is one of the main destinations in Brazil and is known for its rich history, culture and unexplored nature.

Salvador and Arraial D’Ajuda (7 Nights)

Includes International Flight

Salvador - 4 nights includes:
Ground Transportation
Accommodation:  Apartment in Barra, just blocks from the beach and from many good bars and restaurants


Full day city tour featuring Pelourinho, a typical Bahian lunch, Mercado Modelo, and other historical sites
Feijoada (ethnic cuisine) in Rio Vermelho (bohemian beachside neighborhood)
Bay islands tour
Moqueca (ethnic cuisine) at Flamengo Beach
Samba night club


Arraial D’Ajuda - 3 nights includes:
Domestic Flight
Ground Transportation
Accommodation:  Pousada Alto Mar


Half day city tour of Porto Seguro
Full day tour to Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso
Jaqueira Indian Reservation or Vera Cruz Preservation Unit
Snorkeling at Recife de Fora


Day-by-day Itinerary
Day 1
A private driver will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your apartment.   You may want to relax on the beach with a cold beer and sample the Bahian delights in the beach huts.  We suggest the shrimp on a stick, the smoked cheese, or the local favorite, acaraje. 

By night, we’ll be having dinner at the Solar da União, also the venue of the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, where you can enjoy Brazilian food and drinks during a folkloric show.  This show features an excellent presentation of local perspectives from capoeira to samba, ancient slave dances, and even a sample of candomblé, a religious rite typical in this region.

Day 2
After breakfast, you’ll begin your journey through Salvador visiting Pelourinho, the historical district of the city, followed by a delicious Bahian lunch.  Then you’ll visit the Mercado Modelo, a handicraft market that used to be the merchandise and slave-trading outpost of the city.  Here you can buy many handicrafts and local products.  Make sure you visit the dungeon below the market where the slaves were kept prior to sale.  Samba show by night.

Day 3
After breakfast, a schooner will pick us up at the docks and take us on a cruise to a couple of the islands in the bay.  The trip takes all day, includes all you can drink beer, cachaca, and local fruits.  We’ll enjoy local music on the boat until we reach island beaches where we can have lunch.  We’ll visit Ponta de Areia beach and Ilha dos Frades before heading back for sunset. 

Day 4
Today we’ll head to what the locals regard as the best beach in Salvador:  Flamengo Beach.  Relax and take in the scenery.  We’ll have a typical Bahian meal called ‘moqueca’ which is fish and shrimp stew.  We’ll head back to town around sunset.

Day 5
You’ll be transported to the Salvador airport to catch a flight to Porto Seguro.  At the Porto Seguro airport, you will be met by a private driver and taken in an air-conditioned vehicle to Pousada Alto Mar in Arraial d'Ajuda.

The afternoon is yours to relax and enjoy.

Day 6
After breakfast today, you’ll be taken on a full-day boat tour to visit the beaches of Espelho and Curuipe.  The tour sets off from the beautiful beach of Pitinga, where you’ll travel south in a schooner along the Bahian coast with marvelous views of all the beaches in the region – Taipe, Rio da Barra, Nativos, Coqueiros, the nudist beach, Setiquara and many more, until you reach the beaches of Curuipe and Espelho.  Here you’ll have the afternoon to relax on these lovely deserted beaches, under the shade of a palm tree, or in the warm crystal blue waters.  On the way back to Pitinga you’ll see a gorgeous sunset over the ocean, and if you are lucky you’ll see the bright red new moon rising over the horizon.

Day 7
Today you’ll visit the most rustic village in the region – Caraiva.  Start off by trekking through lush green Atlantic rain forest until you reach a tiny little village, forgotten by time, with no electricity, telephones, and no motorized vehicles.  Here you’ll have to cross the Caraiva River in a wooden canoe, exactly like the original native Indians in this region would have done centuries ago.

On the other side of the river, a boat will be waiting to transport you down the river on a safari to a farmhouse, where horses will be waiting.  Your horse ride through marshes will take you to Monte Pascoal, which is where the Pataxo Indians live.  You’ll see how they live, get to know a bit about their culture and see their artisan wares.  Continue along Caraiva's stunning beaches until the village center, where you’ll have the option to relax on the beach, swim, sunbathe, and have lunch.

Day 8
After breakfast, you’ll be taken to the Porto Seguro airport.


We’re certain that you will have enjoyed your trip and we look forward to seeing you again in Brazil.


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