About Us

“Beleza” (beh-lay-zuh) means "beautiful" in Portugese, the official language of Brazil.

We’re a guided tour company created by Brazil enthusiasts.


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Our team is comprised of North Americans, Europeans and Brazilians.


Our goal is to invite you on a fascinating ride that exceeds every expectation you may have of the Brazilian experience. We seek not only to entertain you, but to educate you as well.


Our strategy is to provide reliable, safe, and unforgettably enjoyable Brazilian getaways at the best price possible.


From beginning to end, we organize and lead your trip.


We’ve developed a network of partners we trust that give us an advantage.


Everything on our itineraries has been frequented and given two thumbs up by our team. Our criteria include the value, the charm, and the overall experience for you, the traveler.


For accommodations, we partner with local apartment managers to arrange the right location with the flexibility, privacy, and security you’re looking for at the exact time of your trip.  


We want to build you a personalized vacation.


Considerations include:

- Specific destinations
- Specific travel dates
- Budget
- Special interests
- Group travel
- Adventure travel such as hang-gliding, rafting, off-roading, horseback, etc.
-Family, single and couples


Thanks so much for visiting us.

Brazil is an unforgettable experience.

It's like a dream for us to introduce you!