Every year, the largest party on Earth is in Salvador, Brazil. Carnaval 2011 starts Thursday, March 3rd, and runs until Wednesday the 9th.

Brazilians know Carnaval in Salvador is special. There are other Carnaval celebrations around the country; but, there can only be one peak energy concentration of people partying power...

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The culture is so dominated by beach life, it makes sense that Brazilian beaches are extraordinary by nature’s design and reputation.

Breathtaking blue-green tropical waters, lush rain forest backdrops, fluffy white sands, perfect crested waves, picturesque vistas of coconut palms, surfers, sunbathers, samba dancers...

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You haven't lived 'til you've been to Brazil...a land so blessed, locals frequently concur, "God is Brazilian."

One study shows: topping the list of all countries, a staggering 85% of first time visitors want to visit Brazil again. France is a distant second at 55%. 94% of visitors to Brazil would recommend...

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